Kamran Zamanian

Kamran Zamanian

Kamran Zamanian, Ph.D., is president, CEO, and a founding partner of iData Research. He has spent over 20 years working in the medical market research industry.


  • Sleep Apnea Market Sees Global Shift From CPAP To APAP Devices

    This article shares new market research for the sleep apnea devices market, including overall growth factors and the global shift from CPAP to APAP devices.

  • EEG Technologies Grow Beyond Traditional Diagnostics

    A variety of nontraditional electroencephalography (EEG) methods and technologies popularized in recent years have created a buzz in this once predictable market.

  • Driving Forces In The Laparoscopic Device Global Market

    Laparoscopic surgery is a type of minimally invasive surgery that enables surgical procedures to be performed through small incisions, aided by cameras and specialized instruments. This article delves into the drivers fueling the growth of the laparoscopic device market, including the increasing use of direct energy devices and the role played by ultrasonic devices.

  • Midline Catheters Show Fastest Growth Rate In Vascular Access: A Global Market Analysis

    In many situations, midline catheters present a superior choice compared to short peripheral catheters, which are suitable for brief indwelling periods, and PICCs, which carry a higher risk of central line-associated bloodstream infection (CLABSI) and are more complex to insert. Let's examine new market research.

  • Digital Tomosynthesis Leads The Way In Breast Imaging

    Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women worldwide. Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT), or 3D mammography, has become a leading technology in breast imaging, with advances in image reconstruction algorithms and AI integration improving suspicious lesions detection.

  • Emerging Trends In Infusion/IV Therapy

    The infusion therapy market in the U.S. is growing rapidly, driven by an aging population and the increasing prevalence of chronic diseases. This article shares new market research, with a look at macro trends as well as trends in infusion pumps, IV sets, needleless connectors, stopcocks, IV filters, and blood transfusion sets.

  • Surgical Camera Systems: Are 3D Systems A Niche Product Or the New Standard?

    In the U.S., surgical camera systems are one of the biggest markets in video and integrated operating room equipment. Examining new market research, let's look at HD camera systems, 4K camera systems and 3D camera systems.

  • What Is The Future Of Hysteroscopic Morcellators In The U.S.?

    In the gynecological devices market, hysteroscopic morcellators systems have emerged as an innovative technology for minimally invasive surgery. This article shares new market research on this topic, including an overview of the products currently on the market.

  • An Overview of the 5 Types Of Neuromodulation Devices

    This article provides an overview on the five types of neuromodulation devices: spinal cord stimulation, deep brain stimulation, sacral nerve stimulation, vagus nerve stimulation, and gastric electric stimulation, as well as related market trends.

  • The U.S. Market For Extended Dwell Catheters

    An extended dwell catheter is a type of intravenous catheter designed for longer-term use than a standard peripheral intravenous catheter but for a shorter duration than a peripherally inserted central catheter. The market in the U.S. currently holds a value of around $55 million and is projected to reach close to $100 million by 2029.