Design Components

  1. Solenoid Valves for Medical Instrumentation: LHD Series

    The LHD Series by the Lee Company comprises high-density interface solenoid valves ideal for oxygen delivery systems, gas analysis equipment, patient monitors, air calibration devices, gas chromatography devices, and other medical instrumentation with flow control needs and limited space.

  2. Class A Solid State Amplifier: 150W1000

    AR’s 150W1000 is a class A solid state amplifier that provides 1500 watts of output power from 80 to 1000 MHz. It has superior gain flatness, an exceptional noise figure, and better efficiency and harmonics than competitive products.

  3. Vascular Access Imaging Device: VeinViewer Flex®

    The VeinViewer flex is an imaging device designed to locate a patient’s optimal venipuncture site during the pre-, during-, and post-vascular access procedure. It does this by projecting near-infrared (NIR) light which is then absorbed by blood and reflected by the surrounding tissue. What this gives the operator is an accurate image of a patient’s blood pattern.

  4. Miniature Diaphragm Pumps: BTC IIS and TTC IIS Series

    Both the BTC IIS and TTC IIS Series by Parker Hannifin comprise brush and brushless DC motor driven pumps ideal for medical applications such as anesthesia monitors, CO2 monitors, wound therapy, urinalysis, and trace detection.

  5. Heatflex Kapton® and Polyimide Etch Foil Heaters

    Heatron’s Heatflex Kapton® and polyimide etch foil heaters are very thin and feature a flexible circuit design, high dielectric strength, precise heat distribution, low outgassing, and superior tensile strength for medical devices.

  6. Micro Lenses

    Applications that involve minimally invasive/micro surgery require precise visualization in very small spaces. Precision Optics, through the use of their proprietary microprecision™ technology, has the ability to develop micro optic lenses, precision lenses, and micro objective lenses as small as 0.37mm in diameter.

  7. OEM Tympanic Thermometer: Genius™ 2

    Cardinal Health offers the Genius™ 2 OEM tethered OEM tympanic thermometer designed specifically for OEM integration. A developer’s kit contains all of the vital information needed to facilitate integration of the Genius™ 2 Tethered OEM Tympanic Thermometer into a multi-parameter device.

  8. Encoders
    A range of different encoders is available for applications requiring an accurate control of motor velocity, direction of rotation and positioning. The performance of a drive or servo system depends on the precision and reliability of the servo components available
  9. NEW: Ultra-Low Noise Signal Sources: XMN & XMNP Series

    This series of ultra-low noise signal sources features exceptionally low phase noise, supplementary output at oscillator frequency, and a wide range of output frequencies and multiplication ratios. They provide a range of high-performance building blocks between 200 MHz and 3 GHz.

  10. Mutliple Line Filters

    Multi-Line Filter assemblies from Corry Micronics provide an efficient and cost effective solution for interfacing multi-compartment systems, while providing excellent isolation from internal and external electromagnetic interference. These assemblies can be customized to provide the optimum filtering performance to provide systems with “clean” power, and interference free control signals.