Design Components

  1. Bandpass, Shortpass, and Longpass Filters

    This page is a summary of Schneider Optics offerings regarding bandpass, shortpass, and longpass filters. These components fall into their line of industrial filters and are ideal for a wide variety of applications.

  2. Solenoid Valves: Lee Interface Fluidic (LFA) Series

    The LFA series of solenoid valves are available in 2-way (normally closed) and 3-way soft tube ported configurations with printed circuit board (PCB) mount or lead wire connection options. Their compact size and ruggedized enclosure make them an ideal solution for air and gas flow in blood chemistry, ventilators, respirators, and blood pressure monitors.

  3. Medical Device Manufacturing

    With over 35 years of experience in the medical industry, PTI Engineered Plastics is poised to take on your medical device’s manufacturing process. They specialize in handling multi-part programs and medical device molding for a variety of different types of medical devices, no matter how complex.

  4. High Speed Solenoid Valves: VHS Series

    These high speed solenoid valves can dispense microliter and nanoliter volumes at up to 1200 Hz and are ideal for high throughput screening in medical devices, as well as drug discovery. They feature a 250 million cycle (minimum) lifetime, response times as fast as 0.25ms, and operating pressures up to 120 psi.

  5. BreakAway® Coupling Series

    Colder’s BreakAway® coupling provides safe and easy fluid transfer and protection from costly product loss and equipment damage. These high quality, leak-free connectors are designed to disconnect when pull force is applied without depressing a latching mechanism, allowing users to make a clean, fast, and easy break at critical moments

  6. Miniature Connector with High Density, Signal, and Power: MiniMax™

    Fischer’s MiniMaxTM series of connectors feature unmatched pin density in a miniature circular connector. Additionally, their ultra-compact size helps to solve device miniaturization challenges, and in some devices, they can reduce overall weight by more than 75%.

  7. Optical Sensors
    Intelligent Vision Sensor (IVS) machine vision systems are high-speed, noncontact optical sensors
  8. Brushless DC Motors
    MicroMo Electronics’ brushless DC motors the ironless, self-supporting, skew-wound copper coil is a component of the stator. The mechanical commutation system in these motors is replaced by an integrated sensorless electronic unit with speed control
  9. Imaging Equipment
    A line of imaging equipment for screen printing consists of lighting systems
  10. 2 W Xenon Flash Lamp Modules (L12336 Series)

    These new xenon flash lamp modules integrate a 2 W xenon flash lamp, power supply, and trigger socket into a compact cube package, the smallest in its class. Other features include high stability, long lifetime, and broad emission range from UV to NIR. The L12336 series lamp modules are suitable for integration into portable instruments used in spectroscopy, blood analysis, and environmental monitoring.