Design Components

  1. Plastic Injection Molding

    Our plastic injection molding process produces custom prototypes and end-use production parts in 15 days or less. We use aluminum molds that offer cost-efficient tooling and accelerated manufacturing cycles, and stock more than 100 different thermoplastic resins.

  2. Miniature Single and Multi-Axis Linear Positioners: MX45S Series

    This series of linear positioners/stages can be used to provide reliable linear positioning during the development and/or design of medical devices. They’re very small (45mm wide x 25mm high) and have 5mm, 15mm, and 25mm selectable travels.

  3. Ultra-Broadband Low Loss Power Divider

    Corry Micronics has developed a 6-way ultra-wide band power divider that has a typical insertion loss of 2 dB with a frequency range from 800 MHz to 18 GHz. The 6 way power divider is rated at 30W CW or 5W CW per input channel. The design is compact and rugged.

  4. Solenoid Valves: IEP Series

    The IEP Series is made up of 2-way, extended performance, axial-flow solenoid operated valves. Each of these valves are supplied with a 1/16” inlet and outlet stainless steel tubing, allowing the valves to be connected through the use of standard high-pressure chromatography fittings, or welded directly in place.

  5. Solid Imaging Systems
    The SLA series of solid imaging systems creates accurate, detailed parts and prototypes
  6. Micro Couplers for Medical Devices

    Precision Optics Corporation offers models of micro-couplers with 10x magnification and 4.6x magnification. They’re able to image fiber endoscopes 1 mm or smaller, and feature focusable or fixed focus settings.

  7. 2642 & 2657 CRX Motors

    The new motors, the 2642 and the 2657, deliver from 23 to 35 mNm of continuous duty torque in compact dimensions. Using leading edge processes, the motors are constructed with high performance materials. 

  8. R10699 Photomultiplier Tube

    Hamamatsu’s R10699 is a new 28 mm (1-1/8 inch) side-on photomultiplier tube (PMT) with high sensitivity from UV to NIR (185 nm to 900 nm). It also features a high gain value and high quantum efficiency (QE), giving this new PMT very high sensitivity and good signal-to-noise ratio.

  9. Penny Motors
    Penny motors from MicroMo feature no cogging or preferred rotor position. These motors are ultra-flat with low current consumption...
  10. Power Supplies and Systems

    Excelitas offers AC-DC power supplies, custom EMI filters, pulsed power supplies, electron beam power supplies, flashlamp power supplies, high density DC-DC converters, uninterruptable power supplies, and more for medical, dental, semiconductor manufacturing, industrial, safety, security, defense, and aerospace applications.