Design Components

  1. R22i Optical Transmissive Encoder
    MicroMo Electronics, Inc. is pleased to announce the new R22i optical transmissive encoder. The R22i has rugged PET 530 housing material with an IP-40 rating, making it a perfect match for light automation and office automation applications.
  2. Assembly Solutions: Medical, Drug Delivery And Diagnostic Devices

    Where It All Comes Together

    The West Contract Manufacturing team provides quality value-added assembly for almost any medical device, drug delivery device or diagnostic device. West contract manufacturing sites have significant and broad-based experience with assembling these types of specialized products. The team’s experience ranges from multi-component, complex assemblies that are manually assembled to high-speed assembly systems built by some of the world’s leading automation integrators.

  3. Connectors And Cable Assemblies For Medical Devices

    Fischer Connectors® offers a line of connectors and cable assemblies that feature unparalleled signal integrity, fully secured connections, medical standard compliance, durability, 360° EMC shielding, and advanced ergonomics.

  4. IDI Coaxial Probes

    IDI Coax Probes consist of an extensive line-up of high reliability coaxial probes uniquely designed to address specific requirements such as testing at high frequencies, or needing an RF interconnection. The probes include features such as a controlled impedance signal path with reliable connect/ disconnect operations, a ring, quadrant or rectangular array footprint, customizable power, ground and signal paths, and advanced mechanical docking and interconnection systems.

  5. Power Supplies and Systems

    Excelitas offers AC-DC power supplies, custom EMI filters, pulsed power supplies, electron beam power supplies, flashlamp power supplies, high density DC-DC converters, uninterruptable power supplies, and more for medical, dental, semiconductor manufacturing, industrial, safety, security, defense, and aerospace applications.

  6. Optical Sensors
    Intelligent Vision Sensor (IVS) machine vision systems are high-speed, noncontact optical sensors
  7. Protective Solutions For The Orthopedic Market

    For more than 65 years, Caplugs has been a leader in plastic product protection and offers a variety of catalog and custom solutions designed specifically for the orthopedic market. As a qualified supplier to more than 1,300 medical customers including implant manufacturers, Caplugs protects vital components during shipping, storage, and processing.

  8. Brakes
    For DC servomotor applications where the rotor position must be held without power, MicroMo offers a select line of power-off brakes for FAULHABER coreless DC-Micromotors and ENGEL high power DC motors...
  9. Ceramic 5mm Multichip LEDs

    Marktech’s line of 5mm multichip LEDs are ideal for currency validation, medical and biofluorescence applications, push button backlight applications, and other applications involving general indication. They’re most often used for high reliability indicators, switch backlighting, and panel illumination.

  10. Optical Design and Engineering

    Producing precision optical systems demands a comprehensive opto-mechanical design. II-VI Optical Systems’ team of experienced engineers work collaboratively with your team to design intricate, highly producible systems. We specialize in designing complex systems that are precisely matched with our manufacturing and assembly capabilities to deliver high yields and predictable, optimized results.