Design Components

  1. Optical Solutions For Medical Devices

    Ross Optical’s medical optics experts have assisted in turn-key design engineering for ophthalmic instruments, spectrum analyzers, laparoscopic instruments, endoscopes, medical eyeglass binoculars, and instrumentation for Lasik eye surgery.

  2. PLC Series: Couplings
    The 1/4" flow PLC Series is the most popular group of couplings from Colder. Proven worldwide in thousands of applications, the PLC line offers the widest selection of sizes and configurations. PLC couplings are injection molded from acetal thermoplastic and are durable and resistant to most mild chemical solutions.
  3. LED Fiber Optic Illuminators and Modules
    LED Fiber Optic Illuminators and Modules from Excelitas Technologies are based on state-of-the-art solid state lighting technology. These LED light sources are designed to couple high-intensity white light into fiber optic bundles for applications such as endoscopy, headlamps, microscopy, industrial borescopes, inspection systems, and machine vision. These LED-based products offer an energy-efficient, maintenance-free alternative to halogen and metal-halide lamp-based fiber optic illuminators.
  4. Overmolding And Insert Molding Capabilities

    Proto Labs offers rapid overmolding and insert molding capabilities to produce parts from a range of thermoplastic and liquid silicone rubber materials for on-demand production, bridge tooling, pilot rune, and rapid prototyping needs. With the utilization of aluminum molds that offer cost-effective tooling, prototypes and on-demand production parts may be produced in as fast as 15 days.

  5. Design and Development of Advanced Optical Applications

    Precision Optics Corporation, or POC, was formed over 30 years ago with the purpose of designing, developing, and realizing advanced optical applications and for volume production of specialized medical optical systems.

  6. Real Time Codec Board: JPEG 2000

    NTT-AT’s JPEG 2000 is a Codec board that delivers standard HD up to 4096 x 2160 images in real time over IP networks by using multiple boards. The NTT-AT JPEG 2000 board makes it possible to encode and decode JPEG 2000 format video streams in real time.  Also, the JPEG 2000 Codec board can serve as the engine of a file archiving system.

  7. Hydraulic Safety Screens (For Plastic)

    IMH Hydraulic Safety Screens are designed as “last chance” safety screens to protect critical fluid control components against rogue contamination. They are meant to be companion parts to other IMH products, or can be used as standalone components for installation into plastics. (These are not intended to serve as system filters.)

  8. Stereolithography For Additive Manufacturing

    Of all of Proto Labs additive manufacturing services, stereolithography (SL) offers the widest selection of available materials, the best feature resolution, and the smoothest surface finish. This industrial 3D printing process is used to create concept models, cosmetic prototypes, and complex parts with intricate geometries in as fast as one day.

  9. Plastic Injection Molding

    Our plastic injection molding process produces custom prototypes and end-use production parts in 15 days or less. We use aluminum molds that offer cost-efficient tooling and accelerated manufacturing cycles, and stock more than 100 different thermoplastic resins.

  10. LIBS System Configuration: AvaLIBS Modules

    AvaLibs Modules by Avantes provide an alternative method of configuring a LIBS system. These modules allow you to choose the number of AvaSpec spectrometers (up to 8), the number of axis in your sample chamber, and the layout. 50 mJ and 100 mJ lasers by Avantes are available, but you also have the option of connecting your own laser to the system (through an available adaptor plate).