Design Components

  1. NIR Light Source: Vivo

    VIVO is a NIR light source that provides NIR drug analysis, food safety analysis, and more. The system contains four tungsten halogen bulbs that can be turned on or off individually. The risk of overheating the sample is mitigated through active cooling. This protects the sample and ensures accuracy every time. The four halogen tungsten light sources make the Vivo a high-powered VIS-NIR source, allowing users to integrate their spectrometers for a shorter time than conventional methods.

  2. Engineering And Design Services

    KMC Systems offers decades of experience in solving complex medical engineering and design challenges, and in considering innovative, highly-automated solutions for the development of full-system instrumentation. KMC Systems engineers work collaboratively with customers to achieve optimal interdisciplinary solutions to laboratory automation challenges, Design for Manufacturability and Serviceability (DFM and DFS) challenges, and medical device verification and validation.

  3. Integrating Electrical/Mechanical Features on Medical Devices

    Molex’s Molded Interconnect Device/Laser Direct Structuring (MID/LDS) capabilities combine the two-shot molding process for MID with the speed and precision associated with LDS to create medical-grade electronic devices for integration into blood glucose monitors, drug delivery systems, pulse oximeters, disposable catheter interfaces, CPAP devices, neurostimulation controllers, and more.

  4. Engineering: Design For Manufacturing (DFM)

    PTI offers over thirty years of industrial Design For Manufacturing (DFM) experience in determining product requirements and establishing initial design visions. Their expert design and advanced product development teams assist customers in bringing innovative concepts to efficiently manufactured plastic products.

  5. Injection Molding: Medical Device, Drug Delivery Device And Diagnostics

    Details Make the Difference

    West is a preferred partner for injection molded parts services to the world's leading medical device, drug delivery device and diagnostics customers.  From cleanroom manufacturing environments to the latest in process monitoring technology, the West Contract Manufacturing division is continually expanding its capabilities to meet the needs of a changing global market.

  6. Avalanche Photodiode (APD) C30659 Series

    Excelitas Technologies’ C30659 Series includes a Si or InGaAs Avalanche Photodiode (APD) with a hybrid preamplifier, in the same hermetically-sealed TO-8 package, to allow for ultra-low noise operation.

  7. Optical Solutions for Medical Design

    Quality control, consistency and reliability are critical for manufacturers of medical products and FDA regulated medical devices. For over two decades, Abrisa Technologies has been supplying parts and assemblies for medical applications. We have worked hard to build a reputation as your trusted partner. We take pride in our ability to offer design-for-manufacture assistance, which starts with developing a knowledge base for your application; understanding the complexities and unique requirements of your project or application, then customizing our solution to fit your exact need and specifications. Knowledgeable and experienced engineers collaborate with you to bring innovative solutions to complex problems, whether the challenge is meeting a performance goal or cost target. Customers rely on Abrisa Technologies’ vast array of equipment and technologies to deliver prototype through production volumes, on-time and on-budget.

  8. 2 W Xenon Flash Lamp Modules (L12336 Series)

    These new xenon flash lamp modules integrate a 2 W xenon flash lamp, power supply, and trigger socket into a compact cube package, the smallest in its class. Other features include high stability, long lifetime, and broad emission range from UV to NIR. The L12336 series lamp modules are suitable for integration into portable instruments used in spectroscopy, blood analysis, and environmental monitoring.

  9. High Speed Back-thinned CCD Spectrometer With Excellent UV/NIR Sensitivity
    Avantes' newest addition to its Sensline family of high performance fiber optic spectrometers combines high speed with excellent sensitivity in the UV and NIR range. The AvaSpec-ULS2048XL features Avantes' best-in-class ultra-low stray light optical bench and a high QE (quantum efficiency) back-thinned CCD detector which supports integration times as low as 2 µs and provides superior response over standard CCDs in the UV and NIR ranges. The AvaSpec-ULS2048XL is also available with Avantes' new removable slit option (RS) which is available on any spectrometer that has a ULS (ultra-low stray light) optical bench.
  10. High-Temperature Injection Molding

    High temperature plastic resins such as PEEK (Victrex), PPA (Amodel), PAI (Torlon), PPS (Ryton, Fortron), and PEI (Ultem) provide physical and dimensional stability and excellent elasticity. They’re resistant to harsh chemicals and hydrolysis and feature exceptional electrical properties and low flame and smoke toxicity. PTI works with a wide range of high-heat materials to obtain these types of resins in a variety of colors.