Design Components

  1. Class A Solid State Amplifier: 150W1000

    AR’s 150W1000 is a class A solid state amplifier that provides 1500 watts of output power from 80 to 1000 MHz. It has superior gain flatness, an exceptional noise figure, and better efficiency and harmonics than competitive products.

  2. UV Non Solarizing Silica / Silica Fiber
    Setting new standards through breakthrough research and development is at the heart of our business. As the manufacturer of the world's first UV Non-Solarizing (UVNS) optical fiber, CeramOptec® continues to find ways to break down the barriers for simplifying UV spectroscopy and sensing applications.
  3. Biocompatibility Testing for Medical Devices

    The complexity involved in choosing the right biocompatibility testing for medical devices has substantially increased over recent years. In order to successfully move medical devices to market, it is crucial to have experts available to help develop complete submission packages, and to offer the right advice for biocompatibility testing. Industry-recognized scientists at WuXi AppTec are experienced in providing expert guidance to medical device and combination product manufacturers in designing specific biocompatibility programs for their submissions to regulatory agencies worldwide.

  4. Intelligent Vision Sensor: VC μ Check System

    This vision sensor system is ideal for print and surface inspection, identification, positioning and alignment, 2D and 3D measurements, and other applications where very small components need to be inspected. The system itself is comprised of an intelligent camera with a 700 MHz processor and a tele-centric lens enclosed in a 15.8 x 9.8 x 6.5 cm housing.

  5. Secondary Operations Saving Time And Money

    PTI has exceptional plastic joining experience, technical expertise, and responsive services in place to meet secondary assembly challenges. This experience alongside their designs for manufacturability enables PTI to provide the best methods for matching important assembly requirements and other add value services.

  6. Multi Jet Fusion Capabilities

    Proto Labs offers Multi Jet Fusion, a 3D printing process that uses commercial-grade unfilled Nylon 12 material to produce functional nylon prototypes and end-use production parts requiring consistent isotropic mechanical properties, and those with complex and organic geometries with fine features. Final production parts can be available in as fast as one day.

  7. XLM Series Of LED Fiber Optic Light Modules For Medical Applications
    Excelitas’ XLM Series of LED Fiber Optic Light Modules are designed to be integrated by OEMS into endoscopy, surgical microscopy, and medical headlamps and other medical applications that require bright uniform illumination. These high performance fiber optic light modules feature many advantages for medical applications including remarkable uniformity, virtually no ultraviolet or infrared emissions, maintenance-free, long-life operation, and a variable speed fan. The XLM Series offers an excellent alternative to users of xenon, metal-halide and halogen lamps.
  8. Miniature Motion Controller Solutions
    The company now offers DeviceNet Compliant MVP motion control modules in complete kit form.
  9. Miniature Medical Device Motors

    MICROMO’s range of miniature medical device brushed motors has expanded with the addition of two new graphite commutated motors.

  10. 3272 CR DC Motor

    MICROMO presents the 3272 CR DC Motor from FAULHABER. Setting new standards, the 3272 CR offers graphite commutation and premium materials produced with cutting-edge process technologies.