Design Components

  1. Air/Gas Micro Diaphragm Pumps: T2-03 Series

    These micro diaphragm pumps are ideal for medical instrumentation that requires flow up to 2.5 lpm. Their valve design provides the highest flow rates available with the lowest power draw in this package size, and their ideal for applications that require 10,000+ hours of operation.

  2. Electrospun Polymer Solutions For Controlled Biological Interaction: Bioweb™ Technology

    Zeus offers Bioweb™ electrospinning technology that produces polymer fiber solutions with thickness ranging from nanoscale to microscale sizes. These fibers can be used to electrospin fabrics with complex shapes, and produce a broad range of fiber and fabric properties. Possible solutions include encapsulation technology, spin membranes/sheets, and 3-D structures for coating substrates of varying shapes and sizes.

  3. Avalanche Photodiodes

    An Avalanche Photodiode (APD) provides higher sensitivity than a standard photodiode. It is ideal for extreme low-level light (LLL) detection and photon counting. Offered in Silicon or InGaAs materials, these devices provide detectivity from 400 nm - 1100 nm. Multiple configurations are available to provide a wide range of sensitivity and speed options.

  4. 3272 CR DC Motor

    MICROMO presents the 3272 CR DC Motor from FAULHABER. Setting new standards, the 3272 CR offers graphite commutation and premium materials produced with cutting-edge process technologies.

  5. Micromolding

    Donatelle's micromolding processes help achieve extremely tight tolerances, manufacturing critical components that weigh less than 1 mg. Automated handling systems ensure these intricate components are manufactured, inspected and packaged accurately and consistently to reduce waste and produce clean finished results.

  6. Miniature Linear Positioner/Stage: MX80M

    The MX80M miniature linear stage is a manually driven positioner with precision cross roller bearings, optional clean room preparation, an optional low ESD coating, dowel holes in the top and base, and positive position lock.

  7. Fischer Plastic Series

    The Fischer Plastic Series is a family of high performance, fully insulated plastic connector bodies that are all compatible with Fischer’s metallic connectors. Key features include high reliable signal path, high signal and contact density, clear coding for easy operation, and resistance to large temperature variations.  

  8. Avalanche Photodiodes High Energy Radiation Detection Applications and Molecular Imaging
    Large Area Si-APDs – UV-Enhanced APDs
    The Large Area Silicon Avalanche Photodiode (Si-APD), C30739ECERH, is intended for use in a wide variety of broadband low light level applications covering the spectral range from below 400 nm to over 700 nm. It has low noise, low capacitance and high gain and is designed to have enhanced short wavelength sensitivity, with quantum efficiency of 60% at 430nm. This Si-APD is well suited for applications including molecular imaging, fluorescence detection and nuclear research.
  9. Precision Orifices (For Plastics)

    The IMH Precision Orifices for plastic installation are miniature flow restrictors with a simple, press-in design for easy installation. With forward and reverse flow directions for both liquids and gases, these orifices are economical, reliable, and highly accurate.

  10. From Concept Through To Finished Product
    Imagine an x-ray is taken and within 6 seconds the technician will know if the picture quality is accurate. IDC (Imaging Dynamics Company, Ltd.) had this vision and ELCAN brought this vision to life.