Design Components

  1. UV Curing Light Sources

    Hamamatsu offers UV-LEDs for curing adhesives in stents, catheters, needles, hearing aids, and other therapeutic medical devices. Their high output power makes them especially ideal for UV curing, and their low power consumption makes them an energy saving and environmentally friendly light source.

  2. OEM Spectrometers: AvaBench NIR Optical Benches

    AvaSpec NIR spectrometer components can also be provided as separate products to be used in OEM applications. Avantes has developed different types of NIR optical benches, special for OEM customers. The optical bench AvaBench-50 is available in the 1000-1750nm range for uncooled detectors. The AvaBench-50TEC is developed for NIR range from 1000-2500nm.

  3. Miniature Liquid Control Valves

    Parker Precision Fluidics offers a wide range of miniature liquid control valves used in medical device product development.  These liquid control valves offer a broad range of specs that span a variety of medical device applications like radioactive liquids used in MRI, analytical chemistry, and clinical diagnostic applications.  Parker’s liquid control valves are ideal for these applications offering chemical resistance, non-corroding, high pressure / high flow, and rugged features.

  4. 600 SmartImage Sensor
    DVT has developed the first smart image sensor that has high-resolution imaging (640 x 480 pixels) capabilities, combined with network communications (ethernet and fieldbus) that make it the ideal SmartFactory tool
  5. Anti-Reflective (AR) Optical Coatings for Biomedical / Life Sciences Applications

    Precision Glass & Optics (PG&O) offers anti-reflective (AR) optical coatings for biomedical and life sciences applications. Ideal for coating on quartz, BK-7, glass, and a variety of other optical materials, AR coatings improve performance in optical systems, increasing transmission and enhancing contrast.

  6. OEM Spectrometers: AvaBench Optical Benches (UV/VIS)

    The AvaBench line of optical benches offers a robust selection of designs and configuration to meet the form factor and technical specifications for each application. Now available in five configurations with 16 standard detector options, the AvaBench is configurable to meet your needs. Independent Optics & Electronics for greater flexibility and modularity. Available as enclosed instruments or OEM modules.  Our innovative ultra-low stray light (ULS) optical bench provides superior stray light rejection in a design which has superb thermal and structural stability. The new high sensitivity (HS) optical bench is designed for superior throughput but also boasts excellent thermal and structural stability. The AvaBench optical benches are available independently for integration with a customer’s own electronics or in conjunction with our AS5216 USB2 electronics.

  7. Circular Connectors: M12 Series

    These circular connectors are ideal for medical devices that transfer data or involve data communications due to their 360o electromagnetic shielding. This is a key feature for patient monitoring systems, home health monitors, and EEG/ECG systems.

  8. LIBS Broadband Spectrometer System: LIBS2500plus

    Ocean Optic’s Laser-induced Breakdown Spectrometer Measurement Systems are detection systems that permit real-time qualitative measurements of elements in solids, solutions and gases. These broadband, high-resolution systems provide spectral analysis across a wide 200-980 nm range (depending on the system) at a resolution of ~0.1 nm (FWHM). The LIBS2500plus is a much-improved system from our previous LIBS offerings. Advantages of the new system include a smaller footprint,  Increased system sensitivity due to the elimination of internal fiber and more functionality for use with external triggering options, such as delay generators.

  9. Capacitor Charging Power Supplies

    Excelitas provides capacitor charges and their power supplies for flashlamp pumped laser systems, intense pulsed light system excimer lasers for photolithography, pulsed UV curing and sterilization, and other medical, aesthetic, industrial, and pulsed energy applications.

  10. Connectors And Cable Assemblies For Medical Devices

    Fischer Connectors® offers a line of connectors and cable assemblies that feature unparalleled signal integrity, fully secured connections, medical standard compliance, durability, 360° EMC shielding, and advanced ergonomics.