Design Components

  1. FluoroPEELZ™ Peelable Heat Shrink

    Zeus offers the FluoroPEELZ™ peelable heat shrink designed with quick and easy peel away capabilities to improve product efficiency and safety, and to accelerate catheter production.

  2. Liquid Silicone Rubber Injection Molding

    Liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molding is a thermoset process that mixes a two-component compound together, which is then heat cured in the mold with a platinum catalyst to produce a final part. Liquid Silicon Rubber parts are formed through an injection-molding process similar to that of conventional plastic injection molding with one major difference — the material delivery system is cooled and the mold is heated. Liquid silicone rubber possesses thermal, chemical and electrical resistance, plus biocompatibility. Also, Liquid Silicone Rubber parts can withstand sterilization while maintaining physical properties at extreme temperatures.

  3. EMC Compliance Testing from 1 to 6 GHz: 100S1G6AB

    As its title would indicate, the 100S1G6AB is a solid-state amplifier ideal for testing medical devices for EMC compliance. It covers the 1 to 6 GHz frequency range and can provide up to 100 Watts of output power when used with a sweep generator.

  4. Fused End Bundles: PowerLightGuide
    For long-term performance, PowerLightGuide all silica fiber optic bundles, fused-end bundles, and assemblies set the standard. Tested for well over 40,000 continuous, unfiltered hours, our PowerLightGuide bundles exhibit level, steady transmission at 95% of the original input!
  5. Antenna Analysis Software

    FEKO software is a comprehensive EM simulation tool, based on state of the art computational electromagnetics techniques. The software enables engineers to solve a wide range of electromagnetic problems.

  6. Micro Molding Medical Grade Materials

    ProMed offers micro molding services for both long-term and short-term implantable medical device components, making parts as small as .002g and shot sizes up to 3g. They have experience with a variety of medical-grade plastic materials (thermoplastics) such as EVA, PSU, PLA, PLGA, PEEK, Filled PEEK, and Ultem. They also work with Polycarbonate, ABS, and Pebax.

  7. Medical Device Product Development

    ProMed has been a contract manufacturer of custom implantable medical device components for over twenty years now. They offer materials selection analysis, cost analysis, prototypes in their specified material in five business days or less, reduced tooling costs, reduced qualification times, IQ, OQ, and PQ validations, and process failure mode and effects analysis (PFMEA).

  8. Solenoid Valves: LSP Series

    The LSP Series consists of 2-way, manifold mounted valves with a normally closed design. The valves are equipped with features that including a working pressure of 15 psig, zero dead (unswept) volume, 30ms response time, and a full bore flow path.

  9. Miniature Inert Bleach Valves: Series 3

    To meet the needs of today's clinical diagnostic and bio-analytical OEMs, Parker Precision Fluidics Division offers the Series 3 Bleach Valve, a high-performance two-way and three-way miniature inert valve.  A unique and time-proven design ensures that fluids are contained within the valve, preventing damage to other components.

  10. APC Series: Couplings
    The 1/4" flow APC Series couplings feature a plastic thumb latch, fewer moving parts, and a smooth contoured design to deliver ease-of-use and excellent flow in a compact size. The APC Series has been expanded to include couplings with valves and thumb latch shrouds. A more rugged design on some models adds durability to increase the APC's application range.