Design Components

  1. Air/Gas Micro Diaphragm Pumps: CTS Series

    Parker Hannifin’s CTS series of 2.5 LPM free flow air and gas micro diaphragm pumps are ideal for applications involving surgical instrumentation, patient monitoring, compression therapy, negative pressure wound therapy, and medical consumer devices.

  2. Imaging Equipment
    A line of imaging equipment for screen printing consists of lighting systems
  3. Developing A Life Science Instrument Isn't Magic, It’s All In The Process

    Motion system development can seem like quite the daunting task to an OEM developing a new life science instrument. Parker Hannifin has decades of experience in refining the product development process. Regardless if you're interested in a high precision system positioning optics to observe a handful of cells, or simply looking for a robotic system transporting micro plates or test tubes within a lab, our staff of engineers know the right questions to ask to get your machine to market in a time that keeps you on the cutting edge, and the quality systems in place that will ensure your machine performs to specification regardless if you're making 10 instruments, or 10,000 instruments. With core competencies in electromechanical positioning, servo motors, power electronics as well as controls - Parker's electromechanical division provides OEM's with three selectable levels of product integration:

  4. Classify Samples In Real-Time: Unscrambler X Classification Engine

    Run classification models directly from your analytical instrument with the Unscrambler X Classification Engine.

  5. Screw Driven Automation Table: XRS Cartesian Robot Module (Small)

    This automation table combines a mix of linear servo motor and ballscrew drive technology  and comes in a small size for light loads and shorter travel distances. It has an X-Y work area to 600mm x 300mm and a max load capacity of 5 kg.

  6. Secondary Operations Saving Time And Money

    PTI has exceptional plastic joining experience, technical expertise, and responsive services in place to meet secondary assembly challenges. This experience alongside their designs for manufacturability enables PTI to provide the best methods for matching important assembly requirements and other add value services.

  7. FitQuik® Connectors

    FitQuik Connectors from Colder Products Company are high-quality fittings for leak-free tubing connections. These precision-molded fittings are designed to eliminate tubing leak points in medical devices and analytical instrumentation.

  8. Concept Development and DFM

    A Blueprint for Success

    West believes that getting involved in the very early phases of product development enables the West team of experts to optimize your product design.  This philosophy has proven to yield significant short-term and long-term benefits.  Getting involved early improves cycle times, identifies the right materials for your specific application, lowers scrap, lowers capital costs and lowers long-term maintenance costs.  

  9. Air/Gas Micro Diaphragm Pumps: T2-05 Series

    Parker Hannifin’s T2-05 series of air and gas micro diaphragm pumps are used in patient therapy and patient monitoring applications. Their compact size allows them to fit into tight spaces, making them ideal for integration into handheld devices, such as portable negative pressure wound therapy devices.

  10. Cermax VQ Xenon Lamps - Metal Body Parabolic

    Cermax Short Arc Xenon - metal body parabolic reflector lamps have operating power ranges from 300 to 400 W. and are typically used for fiber optic illumination, analytical instrumentation, endoscopy/laparoscopy, and microscopy.