Design Components

  1. ER:Yag Laser Optics
    The company offers standard and custom optics, including lenses, mirrors, and beam splitters for new and replacement applications in medical, surgical, and dental laser systems.
  2. Fischer Stainless Steel Core Series

    The Fischer Core Series is made up of premium grade 316L stainless steel connectors built with excellent chemical, temperature, and radiation resistance. With seven different models of different body styles and sizes, these circular connectors and cable assembly solutions combine radioactive decontamination and microbiological sterilization in glove box, laboratory, research, scanner, vacuum, and dye production applications.

  3. 2642 & 2657 CRX Motors

    The new motors, the 2642 and the 2657, deliver from 23 to 35 mNm of continuous duty torque in compact dimensions. Using leading edge processes, the motors are constructed with high performance materials. 

  4. Specialized Production Services For Advanced Medical Applications

    Zeus is equipped with the ability to produce an array of secondary/value-add production services for advanced medical applications. These include solutions such as tubing with flares (accessibility), flanges (mechanical stop), etching (bonding), pad printing (graphics, text), and other secondary services that allow for the optimization of materials to the precise requirements of each application.

  5. Multi Jet Fusion Capabilities

    Proto Labs offers Multi Jet Fusion, a 3D printing process that uses commercial-grade unfilled Nylon 12 material to produce functional nylon prototypes and end-use production parts requiring consistent isotropic mechanical properties, and those with complex and organic geometries with fine features. Final production parts can be available in as fast as one day.

  6. R22i Optical Transmissive Encoder
    MicroMo Electronics, Inc. is pleased to announce the new R22i optical transmissive encoder. The R22i has rugged PET 530 housing material with an IP-40 rating, making it a perfect match for light automation and office automation applications.
  7. Miniature Inert Systems of Tubing and Components (MINSTAC)

    The Lee MINSTAC System is made up of a variety of small, inert tubing and connection components that are designed to precisely control flow, rate, pressure, filtration and other performance factors of aggressive fluids.

  8. Fischer Plastic Series

    The Fischer Plastic Series is a family of high performance, fully insulated plastic connector bodies that are all compatible with Fischer’s metallic connectors. Key features include high reliable signal path, high signal and contact density, clear coding for easy operation, and resistance to large temperature variations.  

  9. 3863 CR DC Micro Motor

    MICROMO presents  the 3863 CR DC Micro Motor from FAULHABER.  The 3863-CR has ZHN48 magnet material for benchmark torque performance of 150 mNm at 8,000 RPM. The new DC Motor is available in 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 volts and can be equipped with a three channel encoder  (also available in  a Linedriver design) as well as combined with a wide range of precision gearheads.

  10. Miniature Diaphragm Isolation Valve: R9 Series

    The R9 is a 9mm miniature diaphragm isolation valve designed to deliver the liquid flow capabilities of a 16mm valve. These valves feature a 44% reduction in width, pressures up to 100 psi, low carryover performance, and particulate and crystallization resistance.