Design Components

  1. Optical Sensors
    Intelligent Vision Sensor (IVS) machine vision systems are high-speed, noncontact optical sensors
  2. Digital Mass Flow Sensors For Medical Devices

    First Sensor WBI series of digital mass flow sensors feature flow ranges from 200 sccm and 1 slpm or 2 to 50 slpm, high accuracy in both of its flow ranges, thermal mass flow sensing, a fast response time, and low power consumption. They are available in the WBI, WBA, or WTA series.

  3. Micro Molding Medical Grade Materials

    ProMed offers micro molding services for both long-term and short-term implantable medical device components, making parts as small as .002g and shot sizes up to 3g. They have experience with a variety of medical-grade plastic materials (thermoplastics) such as EVA, PSU, PLA, PLGA, PEEK, Filled PEEK, and Ultem. They also work with Polycarbonate, ABS, and Pebax.

  4. Contract Manufacturing for Single Use Finished Medical Devices

    Passion for technology has driven SMC Ltd. to be a leading manufacturing partner to the top medical device OEMs. With operations spanning the United States, Costa Rica, and India, SMC is positioned to assist you on your next finished medical device.


  5. Thermoplastic Quick Disconnect Couplings
    The company is a leader in thermoplastic quick disconnect couplings for plastic tubing.
  6. Product Design

    Where Concepts Become Reality

    The West Contract Manufacturing team forms strategic partnerships with product OEM’s that provide a wide spectrum of product design services for medical devices, drug delivery devices, and diagnostic products.  Some of the products include re-usable and disposable product applications and electromechanical assemblies.

  7. Optical Encoders
    Optical encoders measure motion, such as position, velocity, and acceleration in a variety of equipment and machinery
  8. EMCCD Camera for Super-Resolution Microscopy: Kite

    Raptor Photonics’ Kite is an EMCCD camera with superior sensitivity and speed, making it ideal for super-resolution microscopy. It features 658 x 496 pixel resolution, <1e readout noise, a 50Hz frame rate, and a 16 bit CameraLink.

  9. ENFit Connection System: Monoject And Kangaroo Pharmacy Solutions For Enteral Feeding

    ISO CD 80369-3 was created to define a safe design for an enteral feeding connector. Cardinal Health has helped to develop the ENFit Connection System. This includes a full line of bulk, non-sterile Monoject Purple Oral Syringes featuring the new ENFit connector and a transition connector that allows users to connect to feeding tubes and extension sets with the older design until all components have converted to the new ENFit design.

  10. Air/Gas Micro Diaphragm Pumps: T2-04 Series

    The T2-04 series of micro diaphragm pumps offer up to 7.0 LPM free flow for medical devices used for compression therapy, wound therapy, and pathogen and particle detection that require an extended battery life, high performance, low cost, and portability.