Design Components

  1. Product Design

    Where Concepts Become Reality

    The West Contract Manufacturing team forms strategic partnerships with product OEM’s that provide a wide spectrum of product design services for medical devices, drug delivery devices, and diagnostic products.  Some of the products include re-usable and disposable product applications and electromechanical assemblies.

  2. Miniature Proportional Valves

    Parker Precision Fluidics offers a line of miniature proportional valves used in medical devices requiring precision and high performance.  These miniature pumps offer a variety of features like a compact efficient design, low power, small size, and light weight ideal for medical device applications like patient monitoring, clinical diagnostics, analytical chemistry, portable gas detection, and medical instrumentation.

  3. Micro Lenses

    Applications that involve minimally invasive/micro surgery require precise visualization in very small spaces. Precision Optics, through the use of their proprietary microprecision™ technology, has the ability to develop micro optic lenses, precision lenses, and micro objective lenses as small as 0.37mm in diameter.

  4. Medical Device Engineering Services

    Phase 2 Medical employs an engineering team with vast experience in the complexities of assembling, testing, and packaging single-use, disposable medical devices. Their engineers specialize in the LEAN manufacturing of medical devices.

  5. Power Supplies and Systems

    Excelitas offers AC-DC power supplies, custom EMI filters, pulsed power supplies, electron beam power supplies, flashlamp power supplies, high density DC-DC converters, uninterruptable power supplies, and more for medical, dental, semiconductor manufacturing, industrial, safety, security, defense, and aerospace applications.

  6. LIBS System Configuration: AvaLIBS Modules

    AvaLibs Modules by Avantes provide an alternative method of configuring a LIBS system. These modules allow you to choose the number of AvaSpec spectrometers (up to 8), the number of axis in your sample chamber, and the layout. 50 mJ and 100 mJ lasers by Avantes are available, but you also have the option of connecting your own laser to the system (through an available adaptor plate).

  7. Miniature Medical Device Motors

    MICROMO’s range of miniature medical device brushed motors has expanded with the addition of two new graphite commutated motors.

  8. Brushless DC Motors
    MicroMo Electronics’ brushless DC motors the ironless, self-supporting, skew-wound copper coil is a component of the stator. The mechanical commutation system in these motors is replaced by an integrated sensorless electronic unit with speed control
  9. High Voltage Pulsed Power Supplies

    High voltage pulsed power supplies by Excelitas are ideal for applications involving medical lasers, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, pulsed resonant CLC charging, research equipment, marx generators, and dielectric barrier discharge drivers (application specifics can be found below).

  10. Precision Linear Servo Motor Table: 400LXR Series

    The 400LXR series of linear motor driven, high-speed, high-precision tables combines quick response, high acceleration, high velocity, and fast settling time with micron and sub-micron-level positioning. They’re offered in 100, 150, and 300mm widths with travel lengths and have been designed to accommodate the size and performance requirements typically associated with applications involving medical device design.